InstaBooth Print Station

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InstaBooth Print Station

InstaBooth Print Station the alternative to a photo booth  

InstaBooth is a new and unique option or alternative to a regular Photo Booth. InstaBooth allows you and your guests to take photos with their smartphones via the Instagram or Twitter apps. Tag them with your special hastag # name and send them via the phones internet data to our on site InstaBooth print station for printing.

Photos can be taken from anywhere, even weeks before your function, at a hens / bucks party, or on the special day before your ceremony or function. Send them to our InstaBooth print station which is onsite, when the print station is logged onto your special hashtag # name it will download all the photos sent with your hash tag name and you can then choose which photos you would like to print.

How does it work:

  1. Take a photo with your smartphone from the Instagram or Twitter apps.
  2. Tag the photo with your hashtag #name which has been set up for your function.  (e.g. #steve5363 is my test hashtag set up for testing, if you would like to give it a try use this tag and send it to me,  I will print it out for you and send it back to you to view the final print out)
  3. Go to our InstaBooth print station which we have delivered to your function. On the print station you will find all the photos that have been taken and sent for your hashtag # name, touch on the photo you would like to print and select the print icon and your photo will be printed from the print station, all done it is that easy.
  4. After the function we will send you all the photos that have been taken and sent to your hashtag name on digital media for you to keep.
  5. Available to print credit card size media or the regular 15 cm x 10 cm premium photo paper.
  6. Some text on the bottom of the prints can be changed to more reflect your function or theme.


The InstaBooth print station is available from $450 including delivery.

The InstaBooth print station requires internet connection, please advise if wifi is available on site.

InstaBooth example photos: